Giving Your New Bathroom Your Finishing Touch

Bath and Shower

Your builder cannot add those personal touches that make the statement of individuality, only you can do that.

Once the plumber or fitter has finished remodelling your bathroom you will probably want to add those finishing touches yourself and add your individual mark to the project.

Here are some tips and advise on adding that individuality:

· Keep the detail as simple as possible by adding a picture rail or shelf to display photographs or small nick knacks like perfume bottles.

· Use a small bowl, dish or cups for toiletries as accessories, such as soaps or bath salts.

· For larger bathrooms consider adding a piece of garden furniture like a chair or table.

· Discreet variable lighting like a low-voltage spot lights make your bathroom mood change with the flick of a switch.

· Mirrored cabinets that span an entire wall will make the room look significantly bigger.

· Colour washing wooden cabinets is an alternative to conventional paint. Try coloured stain to revive wood cabinets or vanity units. Mixing colours by using a light stain can give some great effects on tied drawers and cabinets.

· Brighten up your bathroom with flowers and plants. Adding your favourite flowers and plants to original vases or utensils can have a great effect.