Bath and Shower

The simple bath shower has undergone a complete revolution. For homeowners, showers have become an individual style statement, an ultra-modern, hydro therapeutic unit for relaxation and stress relief. Modernized shower cubicles are no longer confined to restaurants, hotels, saunas, salons, or the houses of the rich and famous.

It is difficult to resist a warm shower in a stylish milieu. Shower manufacturers and designers have left no stone unturned in catering to the customer’s desire to be pampered. Showers come in different sizes, styles and types customized to site one’s budget, requirements and expectations. While looking for showers it is necessary to be fully aware of one’s plumbing requirements, the models available and their performance, the available budget and so forth. The market has to be thoroughly studied, by visiting show rooms and talking to experts and designers. Online markets like and provide a good deal of information and options.

Electric showers are one of the cheapest options available, but installation has to be done by an expert; moreover, pressure and thermo-state can be a problem. Thermostatic mixed showers are the safest option, and come with built-in pressure and thermo-state control. The only hitch is that they are a bit expensive. Manual mixed showers, pressure-balanced mixed showers and pumped-power mixed showers are some other options that can be tried out. Shower cubicles, curtains, slide or double doors, shower trays and seats, and shower filters all come in different styles and types. Hydrotherapeutic showers, with multiple shower jet heads customized to vary in pressure and temperature for different parts of the body, are a new an exciting trend in shower technology. The shower industry is set for a boom and no one is complaining.