Simple Steps To Choosing Your Perfect Bathtub

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With so many different types and styles of bathtubs available nowadays, choosing one which is perfect for you can get pretty confusing indeed. It is not just a matter of choosing the right color to go with your bathroom, or ensuring that the style is correct, but a whole lot more. In order to make sure that you buy a bathtub that is right for you, here are some things that you should take into consideration when looking at various bath tubs.

1) Functionality: Before you go to choose a bathtub, you should be clear about your requirements. Do not buy a whirlpool tub just because it looks so comfortable and inviting. Will you actually be using the jets often and can you justify the added energy costs as well as extra water consumption? While comfort is very important while choosing a bathtub, you also want to ensure that you will make use of all the features of the tub.

2) Size of the tub: A properly sized bathtub is an absolute must. You neither want your tub to be so small that you do not fit in it, nor do you want it to be so big that there is unnecessary usage of water. While considering the size of the bathtub, you also need to decide whether you want a one person tub or one which can fit two people. If you like to get cozy with your partner, then you may want to indulge and get yourself a two person tub. However, if your bath time is a time when you like to read or be thoughtful, you should go in for a one person bath tub.

3) Color and style: While not important to the function of the bathtub, the right color and style of the tub will make your bathroom look that much more inviting. Bathtubs are available in the standard colors of cream and white, but you can also get different colors such as blue, brown, maroon, green, and pink so as to match your décor. Shapes in bathtubs include the standard rectangle, as well as others such as heart shaped, oval, round, corner style etc.

4) Tub Material: The material which the tub is made of is also an important criterion when choosing a tub. According to their materials, tubs are classified as acrylic tubs, porcelain tubs, cast iron tubs, fiberglass, marble, and wood. While a fiberglass tub can be very cost effective, it may not be as durable as porcelain or an acrylic tub. A cast iron tub can last you for years but is quite expensive. Marble and wooden tubs can look very attractive but are very high maintenance and will not last you for very long. Thus, your choice of tub material will depend on your budget, your frequency of use, ease of maintenance of the tub, and its durability.

5) Soaking or standard: A bathtub is fast becoming very popular with people because of its therapeutic value. By soaking in a hot water bath, you can give relief to tired muscles and also relieve painful cramps. A good soak can even help to reduce your blood pressure as well as lower your stress levels, both of which bode very well for your heart. Thus, if you are looking to take advantage of the therapeutics involved with bath tubs, you should look for a soaking tub and not a regular one. Soaking tubs are deeper than regular models, whereby a person can soak their entire body comfortably and not just the lower part of their body.

6) Special Requirements: People who are old or those who have some kind of handicap may often have to forgo the pleasures of bathing in a tub as they may find it difficult to use a regular bathtub. If you or someone in your family has such special needs, you should consider getting a bathtub that is ADA compliant. Such bathtubs are made in such a way so as to afford easy entry and exit for the handicapped and the elderly. They even have grab bars and grab rails for added protection while using the bathtub. Some models can even be used by people who are restricted to wheelchairs.

In addition to all the above, your budget is also a factor while buying a bathtub. Another thing that you must do before making your final selection is to actually lie down in the bathtubs that you have short listed. This way, you can be sure that it is the right size and also gives the maximum comfort, while having adequate support for your neck, back, and head.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose a bathtub that is right for you and your family.