8 Revealing Laundry Secrets From 5-Star Hotels

Cleaning Tips and Tools

Having laundry issues? With this post, I will reveal to you 8 of the best laundry tricks that 5-star hotels use to continually have fresh laundry. These tricks will offer you solutions to problems like mixing in white laundry with colored ones. They are laundry hacks to help you have cleaner, better-smelling clothes, shoes, linens, and pretty much any fabric.

Laundry Tips in this Guide

Save your whites with baking soda and salt

Use white chalk and newspapers to remove odors from your shoes

Remove tobacco odor from your clothes using vinegar

Use vinegar to dull shiny spots

Fix funnel stains with eggs and glycerin

Boost your detergents with baking soda

Make bleach from lemons

Make towels softer using a tennis ball

1. Saving Your Whites

Have you mistakenly mixed a load of white clothes with some blue ones? Chill out – you may not have done any permanent damage. Before you put anything in the drier, remove the damp clothes and soak them in a baking soda solution. Add half a cup of salt and half a cup of detergent. Now, wash the clothes as usual. It’s highly likely that at the end of the cycle, your white clothes will still be white with no stains.

2. Drying Out Shoe Odors

Did you know that ridding your shoes of dampness from sweat can prevent odor and lengthen the shoes’ lifespan? Therefore, each time you take off your shoes after a busy day, slip several little pieces of white chalk into them. The chalk pieces will absorb the moisture.

Another effortless way of removing moisture from your shoes is to scrunch up newspapers and stuff them inside when the shoes aren’t being worn. I recommend using fresh newspapers every time.

3. Steaming Out Tobacco Odors

Whether or not you’re a smoker, you probably know that tobacco smoke clings to everything it comes into contact with. Unfortunately, most fabrics (especially wool), even after washing, still retain the odor.

To remove it, pour some hot water into the washing basin and add 3 cups of vinegar. Hang the affected garment right above the washing basin and let the steam rise directly into the garment. The vinegar in the steam will remove the odor without harming the fabric. I suggest doing this in a closed room (like the bathroom) to ensure that the steam is not blown away by wind.

4. Dull Pants’ Shine

Have your favorite jeans developed a shine in the seat? No need to get worried. After doing your laundry as usual, spray some vinegar on the shiny spot and allow your jeans to dry. By the time your pair of jeans is dry, the shine will be gone.

5. Fixing Flannel Stains

Flannels stains are quite annoying; whatever you spill on flannels is locked in. However, don’t let that steal your favorite shirt. All you’ve got to do is mix together an egg yolk and a tablespoon of glycerin and smear the mixture on the stain. After about half an hour, launder the shirt as usual and let it dry. Once it’s dry, you’ll find that the stain is gone.

6. Boost Your Detergent

Is your detergent inadequate to handle all your laundry? Don’t throw it away just yet. Just add some baking soda to your washing machine’s rinse cycle. It will boost the rinsing power and help your clothes to resist the stain that comes with hard water. You can also soak your laundry in a mixture of detergent and baking soda first. The baking soda will strengthen the detergent and remove any gritty smells from your clothes. In the end, your clothes will feel softer and they will definitely look cleaner. Moreover, you’ll have spent less cash.

7. Making Bleach from Lemons

Lemon juice, whether poured from a bottle, or squeezed from a lemon, makes a great bleaching agent. The best thing about it is that it does not contain any harsh or harmful chemicals like the manufactured bleaches.

Lemon juice, when mixed with hot water, can bleach virtually any fabric (apart from silk) and make it whiter and brighter. To bleach your laundry, mix half a cup of lemon juice with one gallon of boiling water. Remove the water from the heat and soak your clothes in it for about an hour. Pour some more lemon juice into your washing machine and wash the clothes as usual. Your clothes will be cleaner and as a bonus, they will have an added scent of freshness.

8. Making Towels Softer

If you’re using the dryer to dry your towels, put a tennis ball in the dryer along with your clothes. This laundry hack will make your towels softer and fluffier.