4 Most Common Solar Technology Uses

Energy Efficiency

Harnessing solar power is one of the most popular ways people have jumped on the ‘Going Green’ bandwagon. Solar systems provide ways to convert the clean and renewable energy of the sun to electricity; however, as with all new systems, it requires a significant initial investment in terms of installation and set up.

Here are the top 4 ways that solar energy systems are being used at homes now:

a) Solar Powered Heating: Gas, oil and electricity cost a fortune, especially when you need to heat the water in winters. Many people prefer to buy a new boiler or heater unit to optimize efficiency and get more heating for their home; however in the long run, anything that runs with electricity, oil or gas will generate big bills. Even though the first-time cost of installing solar system products is high, it will never generate you a utility bill.

b) Solar Powered Battery Charging: There are many water heaters, power pumps and lightings that require a battery to work. You can use solar energy to charge these batteries. A lot of gadgets like hand-held mathematics calculators, cell phone chargers and video game batteries are equipped with photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy to electricity. You can even beautify your garden by placing variously-shaped, decorative solar lights outside that can light up in the dark.

c) Solar Powered Cooking: Cooking has to be done every day, and an electric oven can generate a big bill; plus if there is a power shortage, you will have to resort to expensive restaurant food. A lot of people have installed solar energy operated cooking ovens and ranges instead of the traditional stoves at home. You can even build one yourself. All you need is a box, a pan, a cooking bag, aluminum foil, Styrofoam, thermometer and some duct tape and you can have your own solar powered cooking box at home.

d) Solar Powered Ventilation: As the solar system products allow you to generate electricity from the sun, it can be used to run your bath, floor and ceiling fans and ACs. Fans and air conditioners are used in homes to ventilate the air and prevent moisture and dampness from settling in your home. Consider how many fans runs in every home each day and calculate the cost of electricity that they generate; high powered fans like exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchens require even more energy to work. With a solar powered system, you can reduce your electricity bills to nothing.