Sunroom Designs

Energy Efficiency

This room is enclosed and uses glass walls and windows to take advantage of the available sunlight. Sunroom designs range from basic with a simple array of windows to a conservatory-like space that has glass ceilings and walls. Which design you choose will depend on what you intend to use it for, the size you want, and of course, your budget. Before choosing, do your research and learn about the different designs, and schedule a professional contractor appointment so they can give you advice on what would work in the space you have and your budget.

With a basic sunroom, most are available as a prefabricated kit, which can be great if you want to add it on as an addition to your house but do not want to hire a building contractor. Most of the prefabricated sunrooms are usually aluminum-framed glass additions with customizable options for the wall, size, and roof. One important thing to consider is the type of flooring you want in the room because most of these kits are meant to be built on an existing floor. You also need to factor in your design the necessity and availability of heat, plumbing, and power in the addition.

Although building a sunroom from a prefabricated kit may be less expensive but it does have some challenges. To put it together you will need to have basic construction and carpentry skills. If you do not follow the instructions exactly it could lead to dangerous problems later on. If you do not have an existing floor on which to built it you will need to pour a floor.

The more complex sunroom designs should be left to a professional contractor. When doing this it will allow more customization of materials and coordination between the wall, ceiling, and flooring elements. There are some complex designs that incorporate interesting features like fireplaces, built in hot tubs, or waterfalls. When using a professional contractor they will make sure that these extra features are installed efficiently and safely.

When choosing your design think about what it will be used for. Some use them as a conservatory for plants, especially in colder areas where the plant would die if left outside. If you choose this type you may need to have water outlets to make watering your plants easier along with the type of flooring like tile that can handle high levels of moisture. You can also use them as a cozy dining or breakfast nook that gives you the beautiful sunshine but not the insects or chilly morning air. For these sunroom designs, you will need a power supply for small appliances and a cabinet for silverware and dishes. In any design, you need to have comfortable sitting furniture and small tables.