Bamboo Flooring: The Epitome of Stylish Function


With the advent of new wood treatments and synthetic products such as laminate, flooring choices have become more varied in recent years. Formerly a simple selection between basic carpet samples and hardwood, choosing materials for flooring has grown complex. In fact, it has developed into an entire industry complete with professional designers to aid in the selection process.

Interior design centers can be overwhelming with the sheer volume of wood and laminate samples. There are thousands of combinations of wood types and colors. The grain variations alone are enough to send a shopper back to beige carpeting. Despite the plethora of choices available, however, there is an obvious winner when it comes to function, style, and price. Hardwoods, laminate products and carpet can not compete with the durability and simple beauty of bamboo flooring.

Wood floors are considered a classic design element. The sheen and expanse of the wood denotes quiet sophistication. Unfortunately, this class and polish comes with a heavy price tag and social burden. Hardwood flooring is expensive to install and difficult to maintain. In addition, the creation of hardwood flooring contributes to the destruction of forests around the globe.

If a room design requires the beauty and style of hardwood, bamboo flooring can offer or improve upon this vision without the guilty conscience and high price tag. Flooring created from one of the world’s most prolific natural sources, bamboo, is almost identical in appearance to many hardwoods. Ironically, bamboo is considered a weed by many, but it is quite possibly the most attractive weed in the world. In fact, bamboo has become the preferred material for many designers simply for the attractive range of shades and styles available.

Designers attempting to achieve the subtle look of hardwood floors, but with greater durability, use bamboo flooring. The bamboo is also considerably less expensive. The spectrum of colors available in bamboo flooring for design projects range from blonde to mahogany. There is another expansive range consisting entirely of variations of grain appearance. The sheer volume of variety accommodates any design project.

Dark, wide planks of bamboo flooring create the traditional feel of antique and richly textured homes. Urban contemporary styles are complimented by pale colors and interesting textures. Warm honey tones are crucial to classic Americana and country styles. Bamboo flooring is perfect for every design.

Traditional hardwood floors are easily marred and require substantial maintenance. This maintenance involves special cleansing products and even refinishing on a regular basis. The construction of bamboo flooring and the finishing products used make bamboo closer to laminate flooring in its durability and ease of care. There is no substitute for the quality, price, and durability of bamboo flooring. It simply has no equal.