Three Features To Look For In Your Promotional Shopping Bags


Modern consumers are increasingly relying on environmentally friendly products. They also look for this sustainability when purchasing shopping bags. As a retailer, you may have considered purchasing bags in order to provide the best corporate gifts to your customers. Plain tote bags in bulk are reasonably priced. But which bags are the best bet for your money? You must examine three major features of your shopping bags.

Are The Bags Customizable?

You have chosen bags as promotional products for your company. That is why you can get plain shopping bags from a reputable store. Customizing the bag with your company’s logo is inexpensive. You can add a personal touch by printing a logo on your bags. Custom Shopping bags are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Furthermore, you must exercise caution when selecting a bag color. Some businesses prefer to choose a bag color that complements their brand colors. However, ensure that the logo is visible on the colorful bag. There are also several ways to customize your bags.

Screen printing is the most commonly used printing method for personalizing various products. This technique allows you to print in up to six colors.

Heat transfer methods are ideal for personalizing canvas shopping bags. Because reusable bag materials can withstand heat, these methods will cause no harm. Similarly, sublimation printing provides a long-lasting solution. You can also use machine embroidery to personalize your bags.

Are The Shopping Bags Long-Lasting?

Durability is an important consideration when purchasing wholesale blank tote bags. You prefer to buy promotional bags that your customers can use for several years. That is why you should evaluate the durability of reusable grocery bags made of various fabrics. Furthermore, these bags must have properly stitched handles to avoid wear and tear.

Canvas And Cotton Bags

Both are natural fibers used in grocery bags. Organic cotton, grown without pesticides, is a better choice for your bags. The decomposable plant fiber will save the planet from pollution. Canvas bags are also well-known for their durability. These bags can hold a lot of weight.

Jute Bags

Jute is a natural fiber made of strong threads, so jute bags are extremely durable. They are also environmentally friendly, as jute does not require pesticides to grow. You can find plain jute bags and personalize them.

Hemp Bags

Hemp is a more durable natural fiber than cotton. Despite having mostly industrial applications, hemp bags have grown in popularity among consumers. However, purchasing hemp bags is expensive. You can buy hemp bags in bulk if you have a slightly higher budget.

These are some of the most commonly used eco-friendly fabrics in the design of totes.

Are The Shopping Bags Washable?

Several customers prefer to carry their groceries in these shopping bags. It is critical to keep the grocery bags clean in order to avoid food contamination. Regular cleaning will keep your bags free of odors and germs. But how easy are the bag fabrics to clean? You must be cautious when cleaning and disinfecting your reusable bags.

It is safe to use cool water to clean any shopping bag. Hand washing is an option for loosely woven jute fabrics. Cotton bags, on the other hand, can be washed in the washing machine.

Improper cleaning methods can degrade the fabric’s quality. As a result, you can read the manufacturer’s instructions while cleaning, drying, and storing your bags. It will protect your luggage from potential damage. Dryers are also bad for fabrics. Some fabrics should not be dried in dryers.

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