Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Around the Globe: Why Both Their Needs Arise Nowadays

Heating and Air Conditioning

Due to Global Warming, the weather in various parts of the world is changing. The Sahara Deserts in Arabian Countries have no more that unbearable scorching heat while in Europe, the summers are so alarmingly hot and dry that old people have their lives at the risk of passing out. On the other hand, Asian countries like my country have somewhat more of cold waves in winter than those of a decade earlier. This is where the needs of both heating and air conditioning come in. In order to know more, please read on.

I was there in Germany for higher studies from 2003 to 2005. I lived in an apartment where the floor had the heater. It was great to be indoors at home and enjoy the warmth of the heater during the heavily cold winters and at the same time, work on my studies cozily and attentively. Yet when summers arrived, they were dry and burning hot, and it was not only hard to stay outdoors but also indoors, where there was no facility of a cooling system. A good many old people passed away owing to the extreme dryness and heat during those summers.

When I came back to my home country from Germany and rejoined my job, I found the summer to be extremely hot and after two months of discomfort, I finally had arranged to set up an air conditioner in my room at home, the benefits of which I enjoy still today, giving me so much relief and comfort from the heat and humidity of prolonged summers.

Yet when winter arrives, it unnaturally becomes too cold, which did not used to be like this before, and just a shawl or sweater was enough then and therefore, I feel the need of a heating system now but I wonder if that facility is available in abundance and at affordable rates in my city. It would be preferable if heating systems could be integrated into the available air conditioners and make the duo systems in one and have them sold at a price people can easily purchase.

On the contrary, when I was in Texas from 2007 to 2009, the apartments I lived in had excellent cooling and heating systems, requiring little repairs so that staying indoors and working on my assignments was rather comfortable and enjoyable during both summers and winters. I believe Europe has both heating and cooling systems by now indoors. All those years back I guess they were not aware of a changing climate and did not realize summers would be burning hot.

Yet in my home country, while air conditioners are widely available for lovely cooling effects on indoor environments, the need certainly arises for installing proper heating systems for everybody to survive the very cold climates during winters at homes and offices.