Choosing the Right Heating System

Heating and Air Conditioning

It is not an easy task when choosing the right heating system for your home because there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Before the cold weather hits you should have your heating system checked out to make sure that it does not need any repairs. If it is very old or needs a lot of repairs to get through the winter it may be better to purchase a new one. Although they can be expensive it will save you money on repairs and give you a much warmer house.

• How much area needs to be heated-if you have a small home or just want a couple of rooms to be heated then you can use a small heating system or you could just get a room heater. For a larger home you will need to purchase a centralized heating system. In order to save fuel and avoid energy loss.

• Electricity or fuel-you can purchase one that uses gas, electric, or oil heating pumps. Any of these three are considered the best for a centralized heating system. Electric heaters have a hundred percent efficiency and is the heater that is the most environment friendly. It is not a good decision to have an electric heater if where you live is noted to have a lot of electricity problems.

• Home’s heating requirements (BTU/hr)-in order to make sure that you get the right heating system you will need to calculate what home’s heating requirements are. By doing this you save you paying more on a unit that is oversized and avoid energy loss. It will also help you to understand your home’s insulation requirements. It is a long process to calculate the BTU/hr but the place where you are purchasing your system can help you figure this out.

• Efficiency-this is the amount of energy that will be converted into heat from your system. When it has a high efficiency you will have better functioning. What the fuel costs you is proportional to the furnace’s efficiency. When the efficiency goes down the cost of fuel goes up. An electrical heating system is considered to be one hundred percent efficient. The reason is that the amount of electricity the system uses is turned completely into heat. Make sure that you choose one that has a high efficiency.

• Insulation-when installing a heating system make sure that you have the proper insulation. This can minimize your energy loss, will keep your house warmer, heats the area fast, and saves you money on fuel.