Should You Use a Fireplace or Patio Heaters During Winters?

Heating and Air Conditioning

If you are considering outdoor warming, for example in the backyard, there are two options for how to do it. There are patio heaters or fireplaces and each has their own pros and cons and you should take the time to consider these advantages and disadvantages very carefully before making a final decision.

Pros and cons of fireplaces

As for fireplaces, it might surprise you that there are a variety of options to choose from. In fact, there are almost four kinds of fireplaces that you can buy, and these are stainless steel, fireplaces, copper, and finally gas-powered. Stainless steel fireplaces are excellent for those who want a style that is a bit more modern and looks smarter.

A bonfire table is a large table where the fireplace is located in the middle, so everyone can enjoy the heat from the fire. A car-shaped copper fireplace is another popular style, with the added benefit that it can be used for several purposes, as it is possible to fill it with ice and use it to keep the drinks cold in the summer heat. Gas fireplaces are practical as they can provide instant heat and fire and are ideal for those who prefer not to wait for the fire to reach its full intensity.

Is the size of the car important?

With fireplaces, the size of the vessel is all about it and it can be a drawback with fireplaces, as you have to look for fire vessels around 45 to 55 cm, as these are the right size for an average piece of firewood. If you choose a smaller fire tank, save the fire and then you do not get as much radiant heat from a smaller fireplace as you would expect from a larger one. One of the biggest disadvantages of owning a fireplace instead of a terrace heater is that you have to drain the fireplace for ash.

What about patio heaters?

The second choice when it comes to outdoor heaters is available in the form of terrace heaters. They are primarily designed for easy and safe use, and are mainly available in two variants, gas-powered and power-driven. Gas-powered terrace heaters can run on gas from mains or bottled gas. Gas-powered terrace heaters are usually free standing, while electric terrace heaters can either be free-standing or mounted on a wall or ceiling.

If you want to heat a smaller area, you can also shop for terrace heaters that can be placed on a table, and these are ideal as they are also easy to move with and less intrusive than the larger and free standing of the kind. For all the different types, except the wall mounted versions, make sure that your patio heater is equipped with a safety switch that turns off the heater once it reaches its intensity.