Hydrogen Cell Generator For The Home

Home Improvement

A Hydrogen Cell generator in your house could power up all the appliances and components and even charge your car and at peak times sell energy back to the grid. Imagine being your own power company and getting a check in the mail, from someone other than Enron of course. Otherwise you could use the check to play your friends in racket ball. As many of you know I am a fan of this and other such energy technologies. Making Electricity from Hydrogen and oxygen is easy really. The by products of this process are heat and water. Heat can be used to heat your house and cook food, while the purified water sure beats anything coming out of the tap.

Where do we get the Hydrogen? From Natural Gas, CH4. One Carbon for every 4 hydrogen. With Platinum very inexpensive these days generally everything you need to make a hydrogen cell machine is easily available. GE makes a real cool unit that costs about $7,500 about the same price as a quiet generator producing enough to easily run our Command Center 4-7Kilowatts. There are many companies in the market who now produce these units.

Energy Partners in FL;

American Fuel Cell in Woburn MA;

Plug Power in CA;

Northwest Power Systems in Bend, OR;

Avista labs, Spokane WA.