The Solar Energy Industry Grew 67% Last Year: Are You Making the Best Decision for Your Future?

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Are you considering using renewable energy resources to heat water or generate electricity?

Would you like to be independent from the grid?

Do you want to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions you and your family produce?

Great! You are not alone in your quest.

The demand for solar power energy is growing. Rapidly!

As the world’s fastest growing energy source, statistics show 40% growth in 2002 and a whopping 67% in 2004.

Millions of people are making better choices for themselves, the environment and in turn the future of their children.

You can be one of them by installing a Solar Energy hot water or electric system. It will be one of the best choices you’ve ever made. You can even make a difference to the environment by purchasing solar energy products such as solar yard lights or solar pool covers. Imagine showing off your new solar fountain at your next dinner party or a few solar pool lights floating in your pool.

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  • what solar energy is
  • how solar energy works
  • advantages and disadvantages of solar power
  • interesting facts about solar energy
  • how much solar energy costs, and
  • how to build solar energy systems

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