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The fridge is one of the essential components of a kitchen, which reduces our cooking considerably and helps preserve food for a more extended period, most importantly healthy. However, it is also the device, which requires more energy for its efficient performance. Therefore, it is essential to choose a high-quality fridge that can significantly reduce your energy bill. Refrigerated cabinets designed using aluminum instead of stainless steel proved to be very effective in reflecting heat, thus improving the cooling process. Moreover, purchasing the best fridge is not an important task, but it is more important to maintain it efficiently through proper use tactics. You can save more on your electricity bills and preserve your food more efficiently by following reasonable procedures while using your fridge. Go to https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/fridges-and-freezers and get your desired freezer and fridge.

Here are some things to consider to take advantage of the benefits of using your fridge effectively:

– Clean the door seal and the sealing surface on the fridge. Replace the gasket if it is damaged.

Always cover food and liquids before refrigerating them, as uncovered food releases moisture, making the compressor more challenging to operate.

– Move the fridge to the wall and vacuum the condenser coils at least once a year. With clean coils, residual heat is removed faster, and the fridge runs shorter cycles.

– Always leave a few centimeters of space between the coils and the walls for adequate air circulation.

– Check the freezer to see if it has a power-saving switch. Many fridges have a small heater to remove the condensation of ice crystals formed around freezing units. If your fridge has a heater, switch to power-saving mode.

– In previous fridges, defrosting must be done manually. However, there is now an automatic defrost unit that is responsible for defrosting the ice. Check the defrost unit frequently, as if it does not work correctly, your fridge will be damaged.

– Use ice trays to make ice, as it is more energy-efficient than automatic

– Do not open the door unnecessarily, as frequent use of the door will reduce the internal cooling temperature, allowing hot air to enter the fridge, thus making the fridge use more energy to reduce the temperature again.

– Try to remove the fridge from the stove and direct sunlight

– For efficient use, set the fridge temperature between 38 and 42 degrees, while your freezer should be between 10 and 15 degrees.

– Placing hot food or liquids in the fridge imposes an excessive load on the appliance.

All of these tips can help you maintain your freezer and its work performance effectively.

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