How Many Type Of Under Cabinet LED Lights Do You Know?

Kitchen Improvements

You already knew that compared to fluorescent lights, under cabinet LED lights would be a better option to light up your kitchen. But how many types of under cabinet LED lights do you know?

Based On Size

The round LED bulbs that are in the shape of hockey puck are called puck lights. This is usually a good option for rental homes because they do not need to be wired. These are battery operated and can be stuck underneath the cabinets. If your kitchen is too big for puck lights, try LED strips. These look like the fluorescent tubes but are much thinner. This type does need wiring. You can also use LED tapes which might not be as bright but are easy to install and flexible to change. This is the best option for tight spaces.

Based On CCT Rating

This is the rating that determines the color and hue of the bulb. It is measured in kelvins. If your kitchen in made of wood or has warm colored tiles, choose lights with a CCT between 2,700 K and 3,500 K. This would give you a warm tone. If you have a kitchen made of glass, stainless steel or any other cool colored tiles, choose LEDs with 3,500 K to 5,000 K CCT rating. They would add a cool hue to your kitchen.

Based On Color

This is the simplest classification. The common LED colors are yellow, green, red, and blue with the most common being yellow and blue. The color depends on your kitchen’s décor.


The bulbs vary in price and a lot of factors determine the price; not just the type of LED you are planning to buy, but the installation process also adds to the budget. The LED strips cost a lot more than the puck light, for example. The installation costs for the strips are more than for the puck or tape.


LED lights are available from 4 watts to 20 watts. If your kitchen is smaller, you would need low output lamps spaced at 5mm from each other. If you are choosing high power LEDs, you would need 20 watts for every foot.


There are different kinds of lenses to give different effects. Frosted and clear are the two most commonly used types. If you want a uniformly lit kitchen, use the frosted LED lamps for diffused lighting which will be good for a certain décor. For concentrated and narrow lighting, pick the clear lens.

When compared to fluorescent or incandescent lights, the LED under cabinet light is a better option. It saves about 85% to 93% of the power of the other types of lights. They have a very long life and are the best option when space is limited. Every element has to be considered before choosing your LED light, though. You need to choose the LED light that would suit your kitchen because having a low power bulb for a very large kitchen might be less effective and costlier in the long run and having a blue light for a wood based kitchen might not be effective.

The installation process is not very complex. But different types of LED lights require different wiring processes which might require cutting small holes in the cabinets. It is always better to leave it in the hands of experts.