Homeowners: What You Don’t Know About Drain Installation Could Cost You


There is nothing wrong with being a DIY handyman or handy woman who likes to take care of all the repairs by jumping in headfirst and figuring it out. One of the joys of home ownership is fixing up your home, completing repairs, and making important decisions throughout the process. However, there will come a time when professional services are needed. When it comes to plumbing, you are better off asking the experts to come in and complete the job. Failure to do so could result in more costs in the long run. Here is what you need to know about drain installation.

1. Installing drain systems can be very complicated

While it may seem like a very simple job at first, repairing and replacing, as well as installation of drainage systems, can be very complicated. First there are many different processes that must be followed. The water should be properly shut off or else water damage could occur. Next, plumbing equipment must be matched using connectors. More and more companies are using proprietary plumbing connectors that either must be fitted with compatible equipment or combined with conversion connections. Failure to use the proper connectors can result in complications and issues in both the short and long term.

2. You must know more about your drainage system than you think

Many people feel they can simply watch a video online and get to it. However, most soon find out that the job becomes complicated and even dangerous. When repairing drains, it is important to know some vital questions such as; Where does this drainage lead to? Where is the primary water main? Which pipe holds the sewer lines vs the water lines? Failure to acknowledge any of these questions could lead to severe issues with water pressure or result in damage to the sewer lines causing a much bigger problem that will cost time and money to repair.

3. Proper installations and repairs require proper tools

Proper tools are required to properly install plumbing systems and drains. You can purchase most tools, but the expense of mixing and matching various tools, as well as the cost of finding the compatible matching connectors, could be more expensive than calling in the professionals from the get go.

4. Legal regulations and codes must be followed correctly

Perhaps you have managed to rig up your drainage system adequately. If you are so lucky, you would still have to make sure that your installation was up to the proper codes and regulations of the state you are in. If not, an inspector could require that the repairs be completed by a properly certified specialist, causing all the time spent to be wasted as well as any costs incurred. Also, failure to follow building codes could result in fines and or other problems for those renting or selling property.

5. No guarantees and warranties

Wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind of knowing your installation is completed by professional, up to code, and complete with a guarantee for the work? The value of knowing the job is completed correctly is often not calculated in a budget for those trying to save money. Make sure you understand that having a quality plumbing company do the work adds value in itself.

Make sure you make the right choices regarding your plumbing needs. Hire a professional for all complicated repair and installation jobs.