Construction Management Jobs in USA – A Short Guide


Construction managers have a very interesting job. They are responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting and ensuring that a particular project is completed within the timeline set for it. Most of these managers have to work on the site where they can supervise the project and plan daily activities.

How to Become One?

It is possible for candidates with job experience to become construction managers. However, most companies now require candidates to have a basic degree in any construction-related field. A bachelor’s degree in construction science, management, architecture, engineering, etc can be very useful. A specialized degree can also mean a higher salary even without any experience. Interested candidates can choose from associates degrees in management or bachelor’s degrees in construction science, engineering management and even additional courses in math and statistics can prove helpful.

Work experience

Construction management is a practical job and work experience is necessary. Practical construction experience can be a valuable asset for candidates. Courses may not provide practical experience but candidates can choose to volunteer or work part-time on construction projects to learn the tricks-of-the-trade. Practical experience on small projects like general subcontracting, house renovations and repair can also add to your resume if you are choosing a managerial position in this field.

Average Salary

According to Pay scale, these managers are paid an average salary of $42,633 – $117,833 along with a yearly bonus for meeting deadlines and a commission for work completed on time. Managers are also eligible for perks like paid vacations, sick leave, insurance and other amenities according to tenure and experience.

Finding jobs

Construction projects will always be on all through the year and the jobs are available all through the year. Most companies will prefer candidates who have practical experience and it is recommended that you acquire as much practical experience as possible before applying for jobs. For new graduates, trainee jobs are also available in the form of assistants to the construction manager. Trainee jobs are usually paid and companies provide on-the-job training along with help in acquiring certification. Some companies also have cadet programs by which they train candidates and then absorb them into the company after training.

Future Prospects

The demand for trained managers in this arena is expected to increase by 17% in the coming decade. Experienced candidates with two to three years experience and a bachelors degree in construction-related fields are more likely to hired quickly and be paid a higher salary.