Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Feel Bigger


There are plenty of good things about having a small bedroom. Small bedrooms are cozy and they can be easier to keep warm or cool. But sometimes a smaller space can also feel crowded, cluttered, and cramped.

Instead of wishing that you had a different bedroom space, how about trying something different? The fundamentals of interior design provide some great possibilities.

6 Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Feel Bigger

If you have a small bedroom that you would like to make feel bigger, there are a variety of things you can do. Here are 6 small bedroom ideas to make your room feel bigger.

1. Get Rid of Your Clutter. When you are dealing with a small space, you really can’t afford to have a lot of extra stuff. Take the time to clear out extras to make your room more open.

2. Go with Lighter Colors. When you are trying to create a larger feel, go with lighter colors and pastels. While dark shades can make a space feel cozier and smaller, lighter hues like light blue, soft cream, or pale green can make a small space seem larger.

3. Make Matching a Priority. Bold color contrasts sometimes work well in a bigger space but when you are working with a smaller room it helps to match colors and patterns as much as possible for a more coordinated visual appeal.

4. Remember That Mirrors Make a Difference. If you want to open up a small space, a mirror is a great option. With the added light reflection, mirrors help to make a small bedroom look and feel larger.

5. Use Multi-Functional Furniture. Whether it is a chair that doubles as a storage container or bedside table that has a pull out desktop, there are lots of interesting ways one piece of furniture can do more than one thing. And don’t forget to check out the adjustable mattress bases that provide lighting and ergonomic positioning to make your bed the perfect place to read a book or watch a movie!

6. Add Shelving for Extra Storage. If you have books, small collectibles, and other items that store well on shelves, consider adding some to your room to make your space more organized. Shelves are a handy way to clean up clutter while making photos, collectibles, and other small objects more visually appealing.

A small bedroom space does not have to feel crowded and cramped. There are many simple things you can do to make your small bedroom feel bigger and more comfortable. Even if you are on a budget, little design and decorating changes can make a huge difference.