The Average Cost of Office Renovations


If you are looking around your office right now and thinking “I need a change,” an office renovation might be just what the doctor ordered. Revitalizing your office space has a number of obvious and not so obvious benefits. From improving workplace efficiency to creating an attractive oasis for customers and employees alike, office renovations can have an impressive impact. Unfortunately, as with any project of this sort the associated costs are sometimes significant. So, what is the average cost of office renovations?

By the Square Foot

When it comes to construction work, many tradespeople talk in cost per square foot terms. While there are many factors that will influence the ultimate budget of your renovation, a good starting estimate is around $185-$200 per square foot. This estimate would include items such as new cabinetry and countertops, new storage space, carpeting, drywall, and improved electrical. To determine your office square footage, you can simply multiple the length of your office by the width. This is somewhat easier to do if you have an open plan office, but you should be able to get at least a rough estimate of total floor space to get an idea of your overall budget.

Cost for Contractors

Part of the cost of your renovation will be the salary of contractors and their employees. A carpenter will charge around $70 per hour, an electrician somewhere between $60 and $80 hourly, and painters may charge up to $40 per hour. As you can see, there are many tradespeople that will eventually be involved in your renovation, so it is always advisable to work with a renovation contractor who takes responsibility for hiring and managing these workers.


Another factor that will contribute to the cost of your renovation is material. From drywall and insulation to doors, flooring, and eventually finishing, the cost of material is significant. What you can expect to pay for each of these elements will vary depending on quality. While drywall sheets are fairly standard and will typically cost about $10 each, the cost of doors can range anywhere from $100 to $300. As you can see, your renovation budget needs to consider every last element, and you will find there are many ways to increase or reduce the cost of the project simply based on the materials you choose. But beware! Cutting costs on materials may impact not only the appearance but the durability of your renovation as well.

In the end, remodeling costs are difficult to estimate and should really be considered on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes a basic upgrade to office furniture or a new coat of paint can make an impressive difference without a lot of expense. On the other hand, a complete remodel might help you to make some important changes that ultimately impact worker health and efficiency.