Advantages of Residential Metal Roofing


When it’s time to install a new roof on your home, the variety of materials available for the job can be overwhelming. One option gaining popularity among homeowners is metal roofing. Explore the advantages of choosing this product to determine whether it makes sense to choose it for your house.


Typical asphalt shingles will require replacement within 12 to 20 years of installation. The average lifespan of asphalt shingles is about 17 years. Immediately upon installation, the fiberglass present in asphalt shingles starts to deteriorate with sun and precipitation exposure. Wood shingles tend to dry out and begin cracking and curling over time. Concrete tile is not a good choice for homes in northern climates due to expansion and contraction with the freeze/thaw cycle. In contrast, metal roofing does not decompose, crack, curl, expand, or contract in the same way as the other products.

Design Styles

Metal roofing comes in a variety of design styles. It’s possible to choose this type of material to match virtually any architectural or climate style. It’s even possible to opt for metal to simulate other materials such as tile, shingles, and cedar shakes.

Green Benefits

The disposal of other materials results in approximately 20 billion pounds of shingles occupying landfills every year. When removing metal, over 50 percent of it is recycled for reuse. Once on a home, this material also adds beneficial insulation to the home. This will prevent costly heat loss during the winter and cooling loss during the summer. In addition, the reflective properties of light-colored metal will deflect the sun to keep a house cooler.

Value for the Structure

The premium caliber of this product adds exceptional long-term value to a house. While you may pay slightly more to install this product, you will come out ahead in the end due to the long life of this roof. Metal roofing also does not involve the same maintenance work as other materials. This maintenance-free advantage appeals to many people.

Cost Savings

Over a 30 year period, most people will have reroofed their home twice. With this type of installation, you may not need to perform the work a single time. Some companies offer customers warranties of up to 50 years or more. Many insurance companies offer discounts to people with this type of material on their houses, too.

Product and Workmanship Warranty

Explore the exceptional warranty available with this product. You might receive a warranty from the product manufacturer as well as a workmanship guarantee from the installation company. Many of these contracts will transfer to new homeowners, as well. This presents an attractive selling point if ever you opt to put your house on the market.

After exploring the many benefits of this attractive and durable material, you may decide that it only makes sense to choose metal roofing for your house. Then you can enjoy the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that you chose the best product available.