2016 Security Check


Every year in January I write a security article that is meant to help you determine if you are doing the right things as far as your safety is concerned. I will break this down into three categories; door security and locks, computer security and personal security.

Door, Home and Lock Security:

This is the time of the year to take a look at your home security. Look at your doors first, are they solid core, do they close tightly? What about the locks; how many keys do you have and can you account for all of them? If not, either replace the lock or have it re-keyed.

Is your alarm system working properly? Do you have all your doors and windows alarmed, or at least protected by motion and glass breakage sensors? This is the time to also check your cameras if you have video surveillance. You could also look into upgrading your alarm system so that it is Wi-Fi capable and controllable remotely.

Computer Security:

This also includes security for your smartphone and tablets. Make sure that you have Internet security protection and for your phones security apps that can scan all your downloaded apps. Your computer should automatically download and install updates. All of your on-line accounts should have a separate and different very strong password at least 14 characters long. Consider getting a password manager to organize and remember all of your passwords. If you have Wi-Fi devices in your home such as alarm systems, baby monitoring systems, electronic locks, video cameras, etc. make sure that they are all secure and that you have your own passwords not the default password.

Personal Security:

When driving in your car keep the doors locked. If you arrive home after dark, pull into your garage and close the door before getting out of your car. When shopping at night park close to lights and lock your doors. Make sure that you leave nothing of value visible such as GPS devices, phones or laptops. When using a debit card the money is taken from your account very quickly. If there is a problem, you might have a problem getting your money put back into your account. A credit card offers much more protection and you use someone else’s money. Just pay your credit card bills every month.

Most of these items are common sense you should be already doing most of these, but this is the time of the year to take inventory of your home and personal security.