How to Secure Your Children During Renovation?


Renovation or remodeling is sure to evoke mixed feelings for any person. On one hand, you are excited that you are about to turn your house into the house of your dreams and at the same time, you are alarmed by the hassles that will come along. Worry and exasperation are free gifts that you get when you want to see the new version of your abode. From finalizing the new design to mess that would be created; from dust all around to possible hindrances in carrying out your normal routine; from keeping a watch on workers to safety of your children; there are a number of things to make you anxious. However, the biggest issue that chills you to the bone is the safety of your children!

Children are naturally inquisitive and adventurous beings who love playing around and exploring things! And, a house under renovation becomes a great exploring place for the tiny tots. Too many risks such as harmful things (sharp tools), heavy furnishings, toxic products (varnish/paint), dust, and debris, demand the parents to be “extra” cautious.

To help you out, we are providing an effective To-Do list to ensure that your children are out of harm’s way during renovation:

Keep things beyond the bounds:

Instruct your workers to keep the tools and building materials at a safer distance. This way, you can make sure that the kids are at minimum risk.

Have a small chit-chat session with your kids:

Kids are kids and they will not take precautions unless they are explicitly and repeatedly told to do so. Set some rules and explain them in detail about all the possible dangers they might run into during the construction period. Let them ask you questions and answer them clearly so that they get an in-depth understanding of the consequences involved if protocols are not followed.

If possible, bound the areas under renovation:

This is an important aspect to be taken care of during the remodeling of your house. If possible, place temporary blocks/fences or mark the areas under construction properly. Placing plastic drop clothes across the renovation area also serves as an effective measure to prohibit children from entering there. Talk to your contractor regarding marking of risky areas and building of child safety gates.

Keep the air clean:

With renovation going on, the house is much more prone to dust. That’s why it is crucial to take care of the cleanliness during this time. The dust might lead to allergies and other breathing problems. Some great ways to ensure proper air quality are – seal off vents in the area, get a high quality air purifier and pay attention to cleaning of the workplace regularly.

Invest in a security camera:

Installation of a surveillance system can help a great deal in such scenarios. These systems to an extent will help you curb your fret about things going wrong. With wireless security camera, you can track the whereabouts of your children and check upon the reliability of workers too. It is, after all, unsafe for your kids to have so many strangers moving around in your house.

Safety always comes first! Make sure that you do not miss out on any preventive measures during renovation at your place. And, if your children go to school or have an opportunity to visit some relative, try to get most of the work done at that time.