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Gone are the days when installing alarm systems were considered a luxury. These days every homeowner prefers to have some kind of security system in their house be it alarms or guards. Why? Well, it’s simply because criminal activities are on the high and burglaries have become the routine. So, in such precarious situations, it’s the responsibility of homeowners to protect their house and family from any threat.

But before installing such equipment in their house most people are faced with a dilemma as whether to use analog or wireless digital alarm systems. But has its pros and cons which is why it all depends on what you want. So, let’s get into detail one by one.

Wired systems

These are best for those homeowners who want to keep things simple and most importantly can’t afford high-end systems. Though they are fairly inexpensive, there are many cons. Firstly, installing them is preferable when your house is under construction or renovation. This is because such systems require conceal wiring that obviously is extremely difficult for old buildings. Secondly, high-end technologies like motion sensors are difficult to run on these systems.

But surely there are certain advantages of this system like:-

• Extremely low maintenance. They do not cost a lot to maintain due to the constant power supply.

• Resilient and durable. A wired system can last for years due to its durable nature.

• All other components of this type of equipment are really cost effective.

Wireless Systems

One of the primary reasons why most people prefer this system is that they are extremely portable. Also, you don’t need the assistance of professionals while installing it. The pros of this system far outweigh the cons and the advantages of using these systems are:-

• Installation is fairly cost effective

• It can be extended to any lengths at any point in time

• It is easily portable. You can take it anywhere.

• Can be easily integrated.

Whatever system you choose, it should be capable of deterring any kind of threats. Give enough thought before zeroing in on equipment that you feel are best suited for your homes.

These days, not only homes are under threat, but offices too are a target for intruders. For offices, it’s even more difficult to gauge intruders as people in huge numbers come and go to offices on a daily basis. Precisely for this reason, it’s even more important to tighten the security of these premises.