Cleaning Garage Cabinets Efficiently and Quickly

Storage Garage

When the time comes to clean out the garage cabinets, it is important to stay as organized as possible. If done efficiently and optimally, this project can be completed in no time. The key is to remain organized and focused. Nothing is better than a clean and organized space!

Before Getting Started

Before getting started, it is important to set some guidelines to get through the process as quickly as possible. The goal of garage cabinets is to hide clutter, so keeping them clean creates a space for everything that should be out of sight.

Invest in some clear storage bins for the inside of the space. This way, it will be easy to quickly see what is inside them without having to pull multiple bins out. Also, have a label maker on hand. Labeling the bins and the doors will provide a way to section off the garage cabinets into zones. For instance, there can be space for automotive items, home repair items, and tools.

Keep in mind that there may be items that are around the house that are better suited for this space. Leave some shelf space or empty bins so that other items can be placed without having to rearrange anything.

Getting Started

Once these steps have been taken, it is time to get started. First, lay out the clear bins on the floor. Remove everything from the garage cabinets, placing like items together in bins. If a bin is full, move on to a new one.

During this time, take every opportunity to remove as much clutter as possible. Have a separate area for this process. Make a section each for items to donate, sell, or throw away.

Once this process is done, place the bins in the cabinets. Keep items that are similar together as much as possible. Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom shelves, and then continue to stack lighter items on top. Also, keep regularly used items as accessible as possible. If there are items that are rarely used, such as holiday decorations, place them on the top of the space to keep them out of the way until they are needed.

Finishing Touches

Once the boxes have been put into place, it is time to label the shelves and bins. This will make finding things and putting them away much easier for everyone in the household. There will be no question, for instance, of which box the hammer goes into if there is a bin labeled “tools” right inside the door.

Keeping garage cabinets neat and organized will make the whole house feel more settled. While cleaning out clutter is not always a preferred job, it will feel so rewarding once it is complete.