The Benefits of Car Accessible Storage

Storage Garage

When choosing storage units, many people benefit from choosing options that give them car accessibility. Before you choose a storage unit, consider the following benefits to help you decide which option works best for you.

Car’s Make Loading and Unloading Easy

Imagine that you want to put a large number of items in your storage unit. Without car accessibility, you will either have to carry them by hand or find a cart that will help you move the items from your car to the unit.

That’s a waste of time and energy.

Car accessible storage units make it much easier for you to load and unload your items. You just back your car, van, or other vehicle right up to your unit. Then you can add or remove items quickly.

Car Accessibility Saves You Time

Another problem with moving items by hand or cart is that you waste a lot of time. Even if a warehouse has a service elevator, you could still struggle to transport your belongings quickly.

Given that many people find it difficult to set time aside for themselves, you want a storage facility that lets you store and retrieve your items as quickly as possible. That means using a car.

Car Accessibility Offers More Privacy and Security

Having a unit that you can reach with your car also improves your privacy and security. Someone who has to carry items through a warehouse gets caught on several security cameras. That means someone has seen where you keep some of your most expensive items.

It doesn’t take long before a criminal decides to focus on your storage unit because he has seen what you have in there.

When you can access your unit with a car or similar vehicle, no one knows what you have. That increases your privacy and security that makes you less vulnerable to thieves.

Many Car Accessible Facilities Offer More Space

Many people want storage units that give them enough space for things like:

• furniture

• sports equipment

• collections

• seasonal clothing

Choosing a unit that is car accessible almost guarantees a good amount of space.

Many of these storage units built as rows of garages. Compare that to a mere storage locker, and you will immediately see the size difference.

Storage lockers work well for people who only need to keep a few items locked away. For larger items, you almost have to go with a garage-sized unit that gives you plenty of room.

Imagine trying to store antique furniture in a small locked! Even if you could fit the furniture inside, you run the possibility of damaging it. When you have more room, you can store your items safely without bumping them against and doors.

Given the improvements in usability, privacy, security, and space, it’s amazing that anyone chooses storage units that don’t offer car accessibility. It’s a good thing that you know the difference.

Which of these features do you think will benefit you most? Do you like the convenience or the security more?